Awakened by Starlight by Dave Brons

hi everybody

I just wanted to share something to uplift you today:
We had some really unexpected snowfall last week.
After a week of almost summerlike weather, the snow started to fall.

This last 12 months has been a bit like that hasn’t it?  Full of twists and turns, ups and downs.
All we have been through, has made all me even more appreciative for the small magic moments like you’ll see in this video: (followed by my song Awakened by Starlight) “Awakened by Starlight” is a song that many listeners have cited as the “most beautiful song the album”, or the most “uplifting song”.
I’m on a mission to bring some positivity to this world with my music… So if you need uplifting today… take 5 mins for yourself : watch the video.

(feel free to share it with someone who might benefit from a little uplift too)

Much love to you

Don’t stop and keep going!

Dave Brons

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