First school of art for O.A.K. founder Jerry Cutillo

There are a few bands with the same name, for example: O.A.K., one is from Norway, another from Italy. Most prog lovers are only familiar with the Norwegian one. The Italian composer and multi-instrumentalist Jerry Cutillo founded his O.A.K. (Oscillazioni Alchemico Kreative) in 1993. Nevertheless, that prog project is a little under the radar. Time … Read more, also available in English

Mr. Neal Morse is a busy bee

Recently I had an interview with singer and multi instrumentalist Neal Morse. His career started in pubs, as singer-songwriter. Early ‘90’s he founded the prog band Spock’s Beard. That was the start of a successful career. He also has success with prog super group Transatlantic, and the prog band Flying Colors. Last but not least, … Read more, also available in English

Interview Bryan Josh – The story behind Transylvania Part 1 – the count demands it

While I was reviewing Transylvania –Part 1- The Count demands it, I got involved with the story. So I would love to know more about the album, and asked permission to interview Bryan. I’m very pleased he agreed. Bryan, thank you so much for the time you took to answer my questions. Much appreciated. How … Read more, also available in English