Vendetta Drive – Vendetta Drive

The band members of the blues band Vendetta Drive previously played in other bands. Sometimes bands break up, and a new one is formed. Just like this band from Horst, Limburg (The Netherlands). ‘Move’ is the opening track, but it starts the way a song could have ended, which is already the first surprise. After … Read more, available in English and Dutch

Esther’s top 10 2021

01 – Epica – Omega02 – Dave Bainbridge – To the Far Away03 – Blank Manuskript – Himmelfahrt*04 – 7even Bridges – Million Voices*05 – Ben Poole & Guy Smeets – Acoustic duo live*06 – Swallow the Sun – Moonflowers07 – Franck Carducci – Oddity08 – Nick Fletcher – Cycles of Behaviour *09 – Drifting … Read more, available in English and Dutch