Bjørn Riis – Everything to Everyone

Singer/multi-instrumentalist Bjørn Riis is best known for the band Airbag.He has been releasing solo albums since 2014. His latest album ‘Everything to Everyone’, was launched April 8. This fourth album was also released on label Karisma Records. ‘Run’ has a rather rocking start, the sound of which is duller than expected.A number of twists and … Read more, available in English and Dutch

Rick Miller – Old Souls 

Canadian multi-instrumentalist Rick Miller has been active in prog rock for some time now. For his latest album ‘Old Souls’, he took inspiration from bands like Genesis, The Moody Blues and Pink Floyd. As a result, the ten songs are soft, dark and melodic. During the quiet intro in ‘Time’s Way’ you immediately notice that … Read more, available in English and Dutch

Wilson and Wakeman created a very cozy evening in Paradox

Fans had to wait more than two years until the planned concert in early April 2020 could take place. Time after time it was postponed, the reason is clear. Well before the doors of the sold-out Paradox in Tilburg opened, the fans were waiting outdoors. Once inside, everyone searched for a seat. It was nice … Read more, available in English and Dutch

Leif de Leeuw band showed their love for the music

The Leif de Leeuw band has been called the southern jam band of Europe. In the past ten years the band has toured extensively, not only throughout Europe, but also in America and even China. On April 10, their previously planned gig in De Bosuil (Weert) could finally take place. The support act was the … Read more, available in English and Dutch

Vermilion Plains – Vermilion Plains

Vermillion Plains is a new grunge band from the Netherlands. The line up is quite special. Because founder Kevin Klarenbeek plays with his parents Annemiek and Corr, they have been on stage for twenty years. The lyrics and music were written by Kevin, his own life was his inspiration. The intro to ‘Etched my brain’ invites … Read more, available in English and Dutch

Beaux Gris Gris & The Apocalypse – Good times end times

Beaux Gris Gris was founded by Greta Valenti, they play a mix of blues/blues rock, soul and funk. The 2020 European tour could not take place due to Covid. Like many other bands, they decided to make a new album. And it was about time, because their debut album ‘Love and Murder’ was released over … Read more, available in English and Dutch