Kisaragi Station – First Flame

According to their own words, Kisaragi Station combines classical piano with thrash metal riffs. And they mix catchy rhythms with elements from ambient rock. ‘First Flame’ is the debut album of this German prog metal band. The protagonist of the story (tracks 1 to 4 ) wants to build on the successes of his clone … Read more, available in English and Dutch

Temple of Switches – Temple of Switches Four

Temple of Switches is a studio prog band from California, founded by multi-instrumentalist Tenk van Dool. ‘Four’ is the band’s fourth album, on which you can hear a mixture of rock, jazz and classical influences. ‘Welcome’ has the catchy start of a rock song, followed by electronic sounds and later organ music, among others. The … Read more, available in English and Dutch

Apogee – The blessing and the curse

In the mid 90s, singer/multi-instrumentalist Arne Schäfer formed Apogee. Man and society are recurring subjects for this German prog band. The lyrics are profound and not meant to be sing along. ‘Out of Control’ has an extensive instrumental intro with various twists. Arne plays several key instruments. You can also hear nice details of acoustic … Read more, available in English and Dutch