Silver Nightmares – Apocalypsis

Italian band Silver Nightmares has been influenced by bands such as Asia, Genesis, Opeth, and many others. Their music is a mix of rock, metal and classical. In addition, history is also an important source of inspiration. This can be heard not only on their debut EP ‘The Wandering Angel.’ But also on their first … Read more, available in English and Dutch

Dave Brons – Return to Arda

Dave Brons is a prog rock guitarist from England. His instrumental debut album, ‘Based on a True story‘ (2015) was a success. ‘Not all Those Who Wander are Lost‘ followed almost seven years later; this album also received rave reviews. Fortunately, fans didn’t have to wait that long now, as his third album ‘Return to … Read more, available in English and Dutch

Realisea – Fairly Carefree

Brian de Graeve is known as founder/frontman of the neo-prog band Silhouette. He also founded the alternative symphonic prog rock project ‘Realisea’. In 2020, ‘Mantelpeace,’ the debut album was released. Brian and singer/songwriter Marjolein de Graeve also wrote the melodic prog rock songs for ‘Fairly Carefree’. It featured a number of guest musicians, including Ton … Read more, available in English and Dutch

The Black Noodle Project – When The Stars Align, It Will Be Time …

‘The Black Noodle Project’ is from France. Their style ranges from shoegaze to prog rock/metal and everything in between. Their songs are mainly instrumental. This project still consists of multi-instrumentalist Sébastien Bourdeix and drummer Tommy Rizzitelli. Two guest musicians also participate.The opening of this album is slow and intriguing. Tommy plays his cymbals in a … Read more, available in English and Dutch

Imaginaerium – The Rise of Medici [Special Edition]

Multi-instrumentalist/composer Eric Bouillette founded the prog project “Imaginaerium” with Laura Piazzai. Late last year, this versatile musician was diagnosed with inoperable pancreatic cancer. In August Eric passed away, with that, bands like ‘Nine Skies’ and ‘The Room’ also lose a passionate guitarist. Eric was so proud of ‘The Rise of Medici,’ unfortunately he did not … Read more, available in English and Dutch

The Steve Bonino Project – Pandora

In 2019, singer/multi-instrumentalist Steve Bonino released the album ‘Stargazer 2’. He is working on the follow-up ‘Stargazer 3’. Meanwhile, he worked on ‘Pandora’, This concept album is partly inspired by mythological painting by Jean Cousin from 1550. In Greek mythology Pandora was the first human woman. She was the origin of the evil of the … Read more, available in English and Dutch

Robert Berry’s – Alive at ProgStock

Singer/bassist Robert Berry is known from Ambrosia, Alliance, Hush and many others. Keith Emerson and Carl Palmer asked him to replace Greg Lake (of ELP). The band name became “3. After more members joined, this was changed to ‘3.2’. The live album ‘Alive at ProgStock’ features the musical history of Robert Berry. This special album … Read more, available in English and Dutch

Nick Fletcher – The Cloud of Unknowing

British guitarist Nick Fletcher (a.k.a. John Hackett Band) has been active in music for over forty years. His new album is based on Dante’s Inferno, the contrasts between “light” and “dark” are much greater here than on his previous album (Cycles of Behaviour from 2021). Nick says of ‘The Cloud of Unknowing’: “Perhaps because of … Read more, available in English and Dutch

Crystal Palace – Still There

Germany’s Crystal Palace (art rock) has been around for over 30 years. Their previous studio album, ‘Scattered Shards’, was released in 2018. On their new album ‘Still there’ from, all the tracks flow into each other non-stop. The concept is about a young woman, she had written on the inside walls of a lookout point, … Read more, available in English and Dutch

Sammary – Monochrome

Monochrome is the debut album by the German band Sammary. Multi-instrumentalist Sammy Wahlandt founded this art rock/indie project. He started with electronic, musical experiments. ‘Monochrome’ is a concept album and is about the gloomy versus the happy side of man, and hate versus love. ‘Black And White’ has a special, mysterious start, the sound is … Read more, available in English and Dutch