Lazleitt – On The Brink (GB)

At a young age, Alex Lazcano (from Washington DC) started playing music, and became a multi-instrumentalist. He is both a classical musician and rocker. Lazleitt is the name of his new progressive project. The debut album is called ‘On the Brink‘. Comprised of 13 movements that you hear continuously, so that it plays like one … Read more, available in English and Dutch

Art of Illusion – Cold war of solipsism (GB)

Art of Illusion has been around since 2002. Yet, this prog rock/metal band from Poland has just recently released their second album. Because of major setbacks their first album released just three years ago. Fortunately, their road to ‘Cold war of solipsism‘ was a lot easier. Art of Illusion has joined the stage with Dream … Read more, available in English and Dutch

Breaking the Chains – We are breaking the chains (GB)

Breaking The Chains was founded by multi-instrumentalist Kristoffer Gildenlöw (ex Pain of Salvation). This special rock project has the mission to raise awareness of all forms of child abuse. But especially to break this pattern. With this project the work of the non-profit organization B.A.CA. = Bikers Against Child Abuse is supported. No less than … Read more, available in English and Dutch

Jennifer Clark – Ascan (GB)

Jennifer Clark is from Glasgow (Scotland). She is bass player with Alan Reed and the Daughters of Expediency and with the Scottish singer Horse McDonald. But she does a lot more. ‘Jen’ also plays double bass, guitar and keyboard. Moreover, she is a producer, arranger and composer. She has played on more than 25 releases. … Read more, available in English and Dutch

Armed Cloud – Master Device & Slave Machine (GB)

Armed Cloud is a symphonic metal band from Nijmegen (The Netherlands). They have already been active for seven or so years. ‘Master Device & Slave Machines’ is the follow-up to ‘Obsidian Desert’ (2015). ‘Save Yourself’ starts out with sampled noise, which sounds very spacy. Soon, a bit of metal is added. Daan Dekker has a … Read more, available in English and Dutch

Dave Kerzner – Static (GB)

‘Static‘ is the second solo album by singer and multi-instrumentalist Dave Kerzner. His debut album ‘New World’ received praise in the prog world. ‘Static‘ is a concept album / rock opera. In short, this concept is about the individualistic society. Making unfounded judgments, giving blunt criticism are a few elements that are discussed. ‘Prelude‘ contains … Read more, available in English and Dutch

Clockwork – Unbreakable (GB)

Clockwork is a Dutch symphonic progressive-rock band that was founded ten years ago in Brunssum. However, the EP “Unbreakable” is only their second official release so it is not surprising that I only recently heard of the band Clockwork. By coincidence I have heard their music on the internet which sounded really good. This is … Read more, available in English and Dutch

VUUR – In This Moment We Are Free – Cities (GB)

VUUR is the new band of internationally beloved Anneke van Giersbergen. She had her breakthrough with ‘The Gathering’ in the prog-metal scene. Anneke also cooperated several times with Arjen Lucassen, for example on the Ayreon CD ‘Into The Electric Castle (1998)’. Also two years ago with The Gentle Storm: ‘The Diary’. Anneke likes contrasts: heavy versus acoustic. … Read more, available in English and Dutch

TDW (& Dreamwalkers Inc.) – The Antithetic Affiliation (GB)

TDW is the abbreviation of Tom de Wit. He is a singer, keyboardist / guitarist and founder of this symphonic progressive metal band. In addition to Tom there are three more guitarists. The total line up is eight people. Five of them are vocalists. In 2016 the EP ‘Aphrodisia’ was released. This was a promo … Read more, available in English and Dutch

Art Against Agony – The forgotten story (GB)

Art Against Agony was founded in the autumn of 2011. All band members only use their alias names. During performances, they wear masks. So, this German progressive instrumental metal band is quite mysterious. They mix metal with rock and experimental jazz. By experimenting (live), the songs from their first album ‘Three short stories’ have rather … Read more, available in English and Dutch