Nick Fletcher – Quadrivium

A highly versatile guitarist and composer, Nick Fletcher has collaborated with many musicians. For his solo album’ Quadrivium’, he asked drummer Anika Nilles (Jeff Beck). ‘Quadrivium’ is the Latin word for four-cross. Plato gave this name to the four noble arts: mathematics, geometry, music and astronomy. ‘A wave On the Ocean of Eternity (Prelude)’ has … Read more, available in English and Dutch

Steve Rothery: a stunning start of the tour

Guitarist Steve Rothery is of course known from Marillion, whose hit ‘Kayleigh’ is familiar to almost everyone (young and old). On the beautiful late summer’s day of 7 September, Steve Rothery and his band were in De Bosuil in Weert (The Netherands). The support act was provided by progressive rock & pop duo The Dave … Read more, available in English and Dutch

Beatrix Players – Living & Alive

Beatrix Players is a band with a very distinctive style. They themselves describe their style as, “adventurous music that operates at the interface between folk rock, singer-songwriter acoustic, prog and quasi-classical baroque chamber pop”. ‘Living & Alive’ is their second album, the lyrics, in short, are not just about life itself. But also about the … Read more, available in English and Dutch

The Emerald Dawn – In Time

The Emerald Dawn is a symphonic prog rock band from England. Tree Stewart and Ally Carter are not only the vocalists, they are also multi-instrumentalists. Apart from symphonic rock, they also use crossovers to jazz and experimental music, among others. Tree again has done the art-work. ‘Out of Time’ has a warm, classically-oriented start. Pretty … Read more, available in English and Dutch

The Ancestry Program – Of Silent Mammalia Part 2

The prog band ‘The Ancestry Program’ is from Germany. The band consists of six people, several of whom are multi-instrumentalists. ‘Of Silent Mammalia Part 1’ was released in 2021. Its follow-up ‘Of Silent Mammalia Part 2’ was actually scheduled for autumn 2022. But due to the complexity of the album, that turned out not to … Read more, available in English and Dutch

The Mighty Bard – Beyond The Gate

English prog band ‘The Mighty Bard’ has been around for about 19 years. Their debut album ‘Blue God and Other Stories’ (2014) received rave reviews. ‘Beyond the Gate’ is their second album. On it, the mystery and wonder of the mystical world are brought to life. Because the band signed with the label Epictronic, you … Read more, available in English and Dutch

Lazy Grey – Making Tracks

Lazy Grey blues/rock/funk band Lazy Grey was formed in Antwerp some four years ago. ‘Making Tracks is their debut album. This one starts nicely with ‘Blood From A Stone’. There is a slightly dull layer over the music. Thomas Maenhout’s voice suits the music just fine. Fortunately, he has a fairly clear pronunciation, as the … Read more, available in English and Dutch

The Fierce and the Dead – News From The Invisible World

The Fierce and the Dead was formed some 13 years ago as an instrumental band. But for several years, Kevin Feazey has been the vocalist of this English band in addition to being the bassist. They play a mix of various types of rock, adding metal, shoegaze and analogue synthesizers. The band has toured with … Read more, available in English and Dutch