Blank Manuskript – A Live Document

Blank Manuskript is an Art Rock band from Austria. All five band members have a part in vocals. The passion of these multi-instrumentalists can always be heard in their live concerts, as on ‘A Live Document’. This album was recorded last year during Night of the Prog – Loreley The tender singing of ‘Foetus’ is … Read more, available in English and Dutch

The BluesBones – Unchained

‘Unchained’ is the seventh album by The BluesBones (Belgium). During a live studio setting, the instruments were captured in one take, well done! The balance between vocals and music is fine. The relationship between the instruments themselves, and the balance on the headphones is good. Nico De Cock sings parts of the lyrics, other parts … Read more, available in English and Dutch

M-Opus – At The Mercy Of Manannán

Irish progressive rock band M-Opus drew inspiration from Irish mythology for their third album, ‘At The Mercy Of Manannán’. The Sea God Manannán was the king of the ‘Other World’. The album is about sailors who encounter ancient Celtic gods during a dangerous mission. As with their previous albums, their inspiration comes from the 1970s, … Read more, available in English and Dutch

¡Pendejo! – Volcán

Volcán is the fourth full-length album by ¡Pendejo! The name is Spanish, but this alternative heavy rock band is hailing simply from the Netherlands. The band (which has been around for 15 years now) has its own blend, adding brass instruments to their stoner/rock, among other things. The album comes via Chancho Records, which is … Read more, available in English and Dutch

Depeche Mode – Memento Mori

Last year, Andrew “Fletch” Fletcher passed away; he was co-founder of synth-pop band Depeche Mode. Memento Mori’ is the first album released by vocalist Dave Gahan and guitarist/keyboardist Martin L. Gore together. The inspiration arose at the beginning of the Covid pandemic. The 12 songs describe a variety of moods, including anxiety, joy, obsession and … Read more, available in English and Dutch

Threshold played energetic at De Bosuil.

British prog metal band Threshold is currently on their Dividing Lines Tour. Luckily, they were scheduled to perform again at De Bosuil in Weert. As there were two support acts, the doors opened already at 2pm on Sunday 23 April. OddlandFinnish prog band Oddland opened this afternoon. Their performance started with a tape, which sounded … Read more, available in English and Dutch

Rick Miller – Altered States

Multi-instrumentalist Rick Miller draws inspiration from bands like Pink Floyd, The Alan Parsons Project and The Moody Blues. His latest album is called Altered States, meaning changing states of mind. The title track is directly the opening track. With its soft, mysterious start (with all sorts of details), you are immediately drawn into the music. … Read more, available in English and Dutch

TNNE (The No Name Experience) – Life 3.0

TNNE (The No Name Experience) is a prog band from Luxembourg. Their third album is called ‘Life 3.0,’ which is based on the novel ‘Otherland’ by Tad Williams, set in the future. The extended instrumental intro of ‘The Net’ is calm. The first sentences are spoken slowly through which the plot is briefly explained. The … Read more, available in English and Dutch

Sem Jansen’s performance ‘Who the f*ck is Britt?’ was one of the most special shows ever.

Last year Sem Jansen performed as singer/guitarist of Leif de Leeuw band at De Bosuil (The Netherlands). Sunday afternoon, March 26, the same men were here. But with a different approach, because the performance ‘Who the f*ck is Britt ?’ is about transition. In 2018, Sem went into the studio as Britt for the last … Read more, available in English and Dutch

Karibow – A Tribal Treat

Oiver Rüsing, has been the man behind the prog project Karibow for over 25 years. His latest album, ‘A Tribal Treat’ is another one man project. The album is new, but the songs are not. As the songs come from two previously released albums: from ‘Tribe’ from 2000, and from Tribal Avenue from 2001. These … Read more, available in English and Dutch