Release announcement In Contiuum- Acceleration Theory (GB)

A number of songs for the album Acceleration Theory were initially written for the second album of Sound of Contact (=SOC). They were written by Dave Kerzner. After the break-up of SOC, multi-instrumentalist Dave founded the prog band In Contiuum. He is the keyboardist and singer. A few ex members of SOC are involved with this new band.
These are guitarist Randy McStine (also The Fringe) and bassist Matt Dorsey.
There are other great proggers who join the band: Drummer Marco Minnemann (Steven Wilson, The Aristocrats). And vocalist Gabriel Agudo (Steve Rothery Band) makes an important contribution. In addition, there are a number of guest musicians, such as Steve Rothery and Fernando Perdomo.

Acceleration Theory‘ is a concept album. Dave describes it as an “Interstellar love story”. So, it is a love story from the universe. The story is about a female alien. Her name is AlienA. This is just a nickname, its actual name is for us, Earth people, impossible to pronounce. For years she collected random terrestrial radio and tv broadcasts. This gives her a romanticized image of the Earth. She hears that we (here on Earth) will be destroyed by the Galactic Federation. She breaks the rules and she comes to Earth, to warn us of this danger. She falls in love with Kai, an earthly man. She teaches Kai the advanced skills of her people, such as telepathy and making a protective shield. So, they try to ensure our survival. To give the right dimension to the story, the lyrics and music have some dramatic elements.
AlienA is played by Leticia Wolf. Gabriel Agudo plays Kai.

You might be curious now. If so, here’s a trailer:

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The album will be released by the end of October. But you can already pre-order at:

Line up:
Dave Kerzner – Lead Vocals, Keyboards, Acoustic Guitar
Gabriel Agudo – Lead Vocals
Randy McStine – Guitar, Vocals
Matt Dorsey – Bass, Guitar, Vocals
Marco Minnemann – Drums

Special guests:
Nick D’Virgilio – Drums
John Wesley – Guitar
Fernando Perdomo – Guitar
Leticia Wolf – Vocals
Jon Davison – Vocals
Steve Rothery – Guitar on “Be The Light”

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